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We provide the following services across Norfolk


Where safe and practical to do so, tree felling is the most efficient method of tree removal . One precision cut, often guided with a rope and winch, allows the tree to be felled in the desired location where it can then be processed and removed.

Sectional dismantling/complex tree removal

This method of tree removal comprises the use of specialist arboricultural rigging equipment and expertise to take a tree apart piece by piece in a controlled manner. The largest trees in the most sensitive areas can also merit the use of a crane to aid operations.

Crown reduction,lifting,thinning and cleaning

These are all important aspects of tree care in an urban environment to help keep a tree safe, aesthetically pleasing and healthy.

Stump grinding/stump removal

By using a digger and winches it is possible to remove any size stump, providing access is possible. Where it is not possible or convenient to dig out a stump, a stump grinder can be used to mulch the stump to below ground level.   

Full site clearance

If you wish to prepare an area for landscaping or building then we have the equipment to clear a site of all vegetation in a cost effective manner. 


General tree pruning, fruit trees, bushes and overgrown hedges.

Low impact forestry

If you have a forested area with precious flora and fauna present or with just tight access, we have a compact forestry tractor (only 1.3m wide) that can access the smallest areas to extract timber.

Tree stump treatment

We specialise in the effective treatment of stumps to ensure they are killed off after the tree has been removed. Many broad leaf trees will begin sprouting from the stump almost immediately after removal. We use EcoplugMax. which is a very efficient, selective method that reduces the uses of chemicals by up to 90% compared to alternative methods making it very environmentally friendly whilst being ruthlessly effective.

Emergency call outs

In the event of a tree related emergency please contact us at any time of the day or night and we will endeavour to assist you.

Firewood and woodchip sales

We have locally sourced, fully seasoned firewood for sale by the bag, cubic metre, or truck load. Please contact us for prices.  We also have a constant supply of woodchip for sale offered at very reasonable prices, with free delivery. 

Council tree works application

Wharton Tree Services works closely with the North Norfolk District Council, Broadlands District Council and West Norfolk Council. If your property is located in a ‘conservation area’, your tree has a ‘tree preservation order’ registered or you are thinking of clearance for building works, then the relevant council must be informed and the correct permissions granted. We provide this service free of charge for our clients.   

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